Greek Mythology of Lemnos

Whilst recognized as a haven of blue seas, yellow sand and exotic nights, Lemnos is in fact the noteworthy site of countless tales of Greek mythology and these stories make up much of the countries rich and captivating past. Allegedly, Lemnos was home to Hephaestus, the god of fire, volcanoes, blacksmiths and craftsmen. Lemnos became the residency of the son of

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Seafarer Cruises

Luxury is Exclusivity When it comes to unlocking true luxury, exclusivity is the key. ‘Floating hotels’ with 2,000 cabins, casinos, nightclubs and water parks onboard might be a great option for an all inclusive family holiday, but a super cruise liner can’t offer the peacefulness and exclusivity that a luxury small ship cruise can provide. Onboard a Seafarer mega-yacht, you’ll

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