A Taste of Barbados

Those considering taking time out in the new year have been spoilt for choice when it comes to locations in this issue, and to add to the list, we take a look at the Caribbean island of Barbados and all that it has to offer potential 2017 visitors  With a population of approximately 275,000 people and official language of English,

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Winter Sun in the Canary Islands

We take a whistle stop tour around some of the famous Canary Islands As the frosts kick in in the Northern Hemisphere, the Canary Islands bask in temperatures that vary little from their summer highs – making their stunning coastlines and dramatic landscapes appealing year-round. This Spanish archipelago off the northwest coast of Africa consists of seven main inhabited islands,

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Don’t Rush…It’s Fiji

We slow down and take a moment to appreciate Fiji…   Fijians dance to the rhythm of their own drum…and it’s a slow rhythm. Everything about life on the 333 islands that make up the Melanesian country of Fiji is laid back and languid. Nobody rushes about in this region of the South Pacific. Locals walk everywhere: up the mountains

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Aruba: One Happy Island

Feel your stresses fade away on a health and wellbeing break in Aruba… British people spend an average of nine hours a day staring at their laptop, smartphone, tablet and television screens – that’s 30 years of their lives wiled away sitting stock-still indoors. Now that we live in the digital age where it’s possible to shop, play, learn, work

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