Top Reasons to Visit Massachusetts

A stunning landscape with a vibrant city at it’s heart . With so many top destinations to fly to in the States, why pick Massachusetts? Here, experts over at massvacation.com offer some top reasons to visit this diverse and picturesque state… Minimal travelling time With a flying time of less than 7 hours from London Heathrow, Massachusetts is relatively accessible from UK

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New Orleans

Jazz, Freedom and Red Beans – A Taste of Life in New Orleans . Jazz is the lifeblood of New Orleans. It hits you in the solar plexus, gets you somewhere you never knew existed. It was in this small Louisiana town just over a hundred years ago that the rumble of African drums first met the brass instruments of

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Celebrate Mid-Autumn with Mooncake

Visit China’s Xiamen during the Mooncake Festival t An ancient seaport glitters enticingly from across the Taiwan Strait on the South East coast of China. This is Xiamen, the ‘Gate of China’, an important economical hub and a wonderful place for overseas visitors to explore. Mountains, skyscrapers, beautiful natural scenery and ancient temples all exist in this region, so the

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Carnival! Spice And Life In South America

Experience the world’s biggest, liveliest Carnival in Rio de Janeiro   Carnival is one big street party exploding with colour, passion, dance and music. Taste sizzling street food, learn to dance the Samba with locals, and see the dazzling costumes – the glitter, feathers and breath-taking acrobatics. The festivities take place in many Christian communities across the world, from Trinidad

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