South America

RIO 2016 Summer OLYMPICS

The 2016 Summer Olympics are here, and this year in the magnificent Rio De Janeiro. Inspired brings you a guide to the event, some of its history and how best to enjoy the sporting fun in the sun… It’s that time again – when millions of people from all over the world come together to support and celebrate the many

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It’s time to venture somewhere a bit different. The Falkland Islands lie just off the southeastern tip of South America, offering wonderful wildlife, interesting terrain and plenty to see and do… The Falkland Islands are a remote South Atlantic archipelago, situated approximately 400 miles off the southeastern tip of South America with rugged terrain and cliff-lined coasts. Its 778 compact

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Discover the World by Private Jet

Captain’s Choice private jet tours offer global travel at the height of luxury . Imagine that you could travel the world without any hassle, without airport queues, without buying multiple tickets or having to plan anything much further than what you’re going to wear each day. Now imagine that you’re setting off from Harrods terminal at Luton in a luxurious

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The Falkland Islands: A Wild Paradise

Living with wildlife in the Falkland Islands   Tony Mason left London two years ago to set up home in one of the most remote places on Earth. Here he tells Ocean View why moving to the Falklands was the best decision he’s ever made. The Falkland Islands, located 300 miles off the east coast of Southern America, are made

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Four Romantic Getaways

Forget Valentine’s Day…here it’s all about the Valentine’s Holiday t It began with Romans running around the city naked, flogging each other with ‘shaggy thongs’ as a celebration of fertility, but today Valentine’s Day is a little more refined. For most, it is a chance for couples, lovers and secret admirers to declare their adoration for each other with cards,

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Carnival! Spice And Life In South America

Experience the world’s biggest, liveliest Carnival in Rio de Janeiro   Carnival is one big street party exploding with colour, passion, dance and music. Taste sizzling street food, learn to dance the Samba with locals, and see the dazzling costumes – the glitter, feathers and breath-taking acrobatics. The festivities take place in many Christian communities across the world, from Trinidad

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