May 2015

Wonders of Nature

Nature frequently offers up spectacular surprises – often things you couldn’t conjure up in your wildest dreams. These gems are peppered across the earth, so we’re going to take you on a quick virtual tour of some of the most noteworthy of them… New Zealand’s Glowworm Caves The incredible Waitomo Caves were first discovered in 1887 by a Maori Chief and an English surveyor, who

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Ten Trending Destinations

A list of this summer’s top ten trending destinations has been published by the travel search engine, Kayak. Demand for the most searched places seems to be driven by major music events, art festivals and sporting competitions. These are the places to be seen. 10. Madrid, Spain Summertime in Madrid equals festival time. San Lorenzo and La Poloma, to name just

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Dramatic Desk Lamps

Inject some style and drama into your office with one of these hot new lamps . If you’re feeling confused in your search for a new desk lamp, not quite sure whether you want something striking or beautiful, quirky or even canine, this list of lamps will shed some light on the issue. PHOTOGRAPHIC BLACK METAL TRIPOD This bold – and bright

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Priceless Italian Statue Broken by Tourists

Two tourists visiting the northern Italian city of Cremona could be facing criminal charges after climbing the priceless ‘Statue of the Two Hercules’ to take a selfie and incidentally breaking a section of it. And the part they broke was, quite literally, the crowning element. According to the Corriere della Sera newspaper, the crown at the top of the statue became dislodged

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Crater Lakes

Usually formed in the caldera, or crater, left behind after a volcanic eruption, crater lakes can also develop in the impact site of a meteorite or even a man made space created by an explosion. The stunning results are definitely worth a visit. Below is a gallery of our top ten favourite crater lakes from around the world.

Top Reasons to Visit Massachusetts

A stunning landscape with a vibrant city at it’s heart . With so many top destinations to fly to in the States, why pick Massachusetts? Here, experts over at offer some top reasons to visit this diverse and picturesque state… Minimal travelling time With a flying time of less than 7 hours from London Heathrow, Massachusetts is relatively accessible from UK

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New Orleans

Jazz, Freedom and Red Beans – A Taste of Life in New Orleans . Jazz is the lifeblood of New Orleans. It hits you in the solar plexus, gets you somewhere you never knew existed. It was in this small Louisiana town just over a hundred years ago that the rumble of African drums first met the brass instruments of

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