Take your time

Today, the ubiquitous Smartphone with its built-in clock performs the function of telling us the time, leaving the wristwatch to find a different role for itself. The modern personal timepiece finds itself performing a similar function to it’s very earliest ancestors. It makes a statement of style and prestige rather than merely serving to mark the hours and minutes.

One company specialising in elegant dress watches for men is Söner by Sweden. Söner was founded by Freddie Palmgren on the Swedish west coast, inspired by his quest to find the perfect watch. Like many people, during trips abroad, Freddie would often be drawn to wristwatch stores, looking for a timepiece that was just right for him. Time and time again he found that he was never truly content with what was on offer; there was always a compromise, whether that was size, colour or price. From these experiences, the idea of Söner was born. If he couldn’t find the watch he wanted, why not design and make it himself?

He started to sketch on an elegant, minimalist, rectangular watch for men, with the ultimate goal of producing a robust, high-precision watch with an exclusive design. Materials and technical solutions were chosen to secure a long and trouble-free use. A watch that could be passed on to coming generations, a concept which lead to the first model’s name: Legacy.

Söner focuses solely on men’s watches as Freddie feels these are the customers he best understands. All Söner watches are rectangular because the brand seeks to challenge the 100-year dominance of round and oval-faced watches.

Freddie believes that a wristwatch reflects your taste ‘For me, the message that a watch sends out has become more important, and today I have a different opinion about my watch’s appearance than I did 10 or 20 years ago.’ he says ‘I’ve matured as a man, and it affects what type of watch I want to wear.’

Emphasising the way in which watches have become a fashion and personality statement, Freddie says: ‘The idea is to wear your watch as much as possible. Therefore, the most important thing when choosing your watch is to really feel that enjoyment. Make sure you invest time in really thinking about what you want, and for what occasion. It’s also important to think about what you want the watch
to say about you as a person.’


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