Cheap Summer Holidays in the Eurozone

A Post Office report has found that prices are cheaper in every popular destination it surveyed, bar one


We have some great news for you holidaymakers: the prices of holiday resorts across Europe have fallen significantly since last year. This means cheap summer holidays this year! The biggest drop was observed in the Algarve, where basic costs, such as eating out, were a massive 22 per cent lower.

Cheap summer holidays

The strong pound is granting us cheap access to a number of other resorts too, such as in Corfu, where you can make savings of up to nearly 20 per cent, and in Menorca and Croatia, where you can save around 16 per cent.

Taking a basket of essential items (from a cup of coffee to insect repellent), the most affordable resort was shown to be Sunny Beach in Bulgaria, where the average cost of these items was £37.39. Compare this to the most expensive resort, Sorrento on Italy’s Amalfi coast, where the average cost came to £101.60.

Meals can have the biggest impact on holiday budgets, and a three-course evening meal with wine costs just over £16 for two people in the Algarve. Once again, this can be compared to Sorrento, where you’d be paying an average of £52.24 for a similar meal.

The tables below lay out the basket of goods in more detail for the key destinations.

Cheap summer holidays

Cheap summer holidays



Cheap summer holidays

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