Bloodless Bullfights Introduced in the Balearics

New rules introduced last week mean that the only “tools” allowed in the Bullfighting Ring are the bullfighter’s capes – the capote, and the muleta. In addition, each bullfight will last no more than 10 minutes after which time, the bull trots off unharmed back to the ranch – great news! The new bloodless bullfighting rules shows that a full ban

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Creating The TURTLE TRACKS Family

Sue Trew tells Inspired Travel of her Barbadian turtle discovery and how she shared the magical journeys of the creatures themselves with children in the form of her book, ‘Turtle Tracks’ Growing up in Barbados in the 1960’s and 70’s, we weren’t aware of turtles. I snorkelled regularly with my sisters, but we never saw them. It wasn’t until much

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A Dream HONEYMOON Destination

Kathryn Mason takes you through the magical landscape, wildlife, sights, smells and taste sensations of South Africa, positing it as one of the top destinations for a honeymoon that combines both relaxation and luxury with a bit of adventure… Well-known for it’s prolific safari scene and world-famous wines, South Africa has long been considered a wildlife lover and foodie’s paradise.

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The Falkland Islands: A Wild Paradise

Living with wildlife in the Falkland Islands   Tony Mason left London two years ago to set up home in one of the most remote places on Earth. Here he tells Ocean View why moving to the Falklands was the best decision he’s ever made. The Falkland Islands, located 300 miles off the east coast of Southern America, are made

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